What is your suit type?

July 29, 2016

 Do you have trouble picking suits for yourself? Do you end up picking the wrong size that makes you either grow out of your suit or swim inside it? Are these factors making you feel jittery to even buy one? Well, you will look your dapper, gentlemanly best when you’re wearing a perfectly fitted suit, or else you’re committing a heinous fashion crime!

Don’t worry! We at Aristo Ties will help you get into a perfect suit with some tips that you should follow while buying one.

Golden rule of picking a suit: Know your body.

Not all bodies are the same. Some have an average, athletic build that makes it easier for them to straightaway pick suits off-the-rack. Some are either too tall or short to find suits of their sizes and end up making multiple trips to the tailor for a perfectly fitting one.

Follow these steps according to your body shape and dress yourself to shine in a well-fitted suit!

For an average built person:

Shaped like a trapezoid, you have a lean body, defined muscles and a supportively broad shoulder. You’re not overtly athletic, but you would occasionally hit the gym.

 If you have such lean build, you should go for tapered trousers and jackets. It emphasizes your body shape and enhances your naturally balanced upper body and waist.

For an athletic built person:

You have an upper body shaped like an inverted triangle, with moderate to heavy muscle definition. With broad shoulders and narrow, defined waistline, your arms and legs are quite muscular and have a lean stomach.

For your body type, you can opt for dark, double breasted suit, but be careful while choosing one. Double breasted suits can make the upper body look bulky. Now you might want your body to look sculpted that supports the added weight of your shoulder and chest, defining your narrow waist. In this case, opt for an unstructured blazer.

For a rectangular body:

Your body shape is slightly different from the average or athletic built. You have a straight, skinny and not-so muscular frame with narrow waist and hips.

When you’re looking for suits off-the-rack, opt for a slim-fitted blazer that fits your shoulder and chest with skinny pants. For better results, take your blazers to a tailor and alter them according to your body measurements. After all, you don’t want to look boxy!

For a triangular body:

A triangular body frame with a pronounced midsection is not unhealthy or shows signs of being overweight. But there are some dos and don’ts that you should follow.

While dressing this body frame, a defined upper body is what you should be focusing on. So, you should opt for black or dark coloured suits with straight-cut trousers. Double breasted suits are a strict no-no for your fuller waist. Single breasted ones with two buttons are the best buy for you.

Height matters too

If you are too tall (above 5’11” to 6’3”) or too short to find a suit of your size off-the-rack, you have to befriend a tailor for frequent alterations to nail your wardrobe.

For a taller body frame with a broad midsection, tailored jackets are your BFF (best formal friends). In your case, an ill-fitted jacket can make you look as if you’re swimming in a stream of clothing. Make sure the length of your jacket hits between the top of your wrist to the middle of your palm. Also, the proportion of your formals, from the bottom of your jacket to the hemline of your pants, should be perfect. In the end, you don’t want to look like an awkward basketball player, do you?

For a shorter, muscled out body frame, light colours and printed trousers are a strict no-no. Also, wear your pants at your belly button and make sure your shirts are comfortable cut.