Custom Belt Buckles

March 18, 2020

Custom made belt buckles are the perfect present to give to an employee, business partners to celebrate many occasions or to simply promote your brand or company. Such occasions include service achievements, safety awards or simply a show of appreciation for being a great employee.

When choosing custom made belt buckles, you have the complete control of the design and other elements. There is no limit to your imagination, here are some elements you need to consider:

1– Shape, in what shape do you want your belt buckle to be? Circle, oval, rectangular, square or a custom shape? Your options are endless and can be as unique as you want.

2– Graphics/Images, do you have a logo or artwork that you want to be incorporated in the design?

3– Text, would you like to incorporate a text on the buckle? The text usually runs around the outside edges of the belt buckle, however, there are multiple designs that can make yours unique. How creative can you get?

4– Finish, do you want your belt buckle to have a super shiny finish or more of a brushed antique look? A flat element on the design will allow highlighting more of the custom belt buckle.

5– Let's piece them all together, once you have planned all the elements mentioned above, then you will have a pretty slick design in which we can help you achieve!