Custom Lapel Pins

Free samples can be provided upon customer's request! 

Looking for lapel pins that symbolize your business, charity, club or team? We’re here for you! You give us a design or your logo and we will make it for you. We make sure you get the most unique lapel pins, as per your requirement. Here’s how you get it: Our experienced designers will create a free sample artwork and send it to you for approval. You can request changes in the artwork (if any) and designers will make it for you (any number of times) till you are satisfied. Our custom made lapel pins are created uniquely for every customer.

We can make it in all styles, shapes and sizes. We provide wholesale prices on all orders at the lowest price guaranteed anywhere in Australia. The artwork is provided free along with a quote within 4 hours, with no obligation to buy. Simply use the Instant Quote Submission Form to get started! 

Available Options

custom corporate hard enamel lapel pins
custom corporate soft enamel lapel pins
custom corporate metal struck lapel pins
custom corporate food lapel pins
custom printed lapel pins for corporate
custom gold and silver lapel pins for corporate
custom animals lapel pins for corporate
custom holiday lapel pins for corporate
corporate cutout custom lapel pins
corporate australian flag custom lapel pins
corporate sandblast custom lapel pins
corporate antique custom lapel pins
corporate anniversary custom lapel pins
corporate years of services custom lapel pins
corporate photo etched custom lapel pins
corporate imitation hard enamel custom lapel pins
corporate club badge custom lapel pins
corporate hat pin custom lapel pins
  • Key Features


Copper, Bronze, Iron, Zinc Alloy


Bronze, Silver, Gold, Nickel, Copper, Chrome, Rhodium, Antique Gold/Silver/Copper


Hard Enamel/Cloisonné, Imitation Hard Enamel/Soft Cloisonné, Soft Enamel, Stamped




Safety Pin,Metal Clutch,Magnet,Flat Type Tie Tack, Rubber Clutch








Custom pins can be the best way to promote your business, raise awareness, build buzz around a new product or excite your customers. From creating inexpensive promotional giveaway items, AristoTIES can guide you through the process and create something you can be truly proud of. We're happy to design and produce the best custom lapel pin for your brand or company for your next event.

 TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FREE DESIGN SERVICE and have your logo, brand made into a sought after symbol of your employees. 


The culture of lapel pins has reached various industries. You can find them anywhere in politics, public welfare, business, fashion or sports. You may often see custom pins being worn by a different salesman. When the vogue icon walks by you, you instantly notice the brand or logo of the pin making you curious. In short, lapel pins are being used in many industries for different kind of purposes. It is also due to its wide usage, that its market demands have significantly increased greatly throughout the years. And there is a wide variety of pins to meet the client's needs.


 Lapel pins are designed and manufactured depending on what the customer needs. Custom made lapel pins reflects the unique spirit and image of the team behind it, making these pins more and more popular.