Different Types of Bookmarks

August 28, 2020

If you read, you probably found out that your need for a bookmark. We never get the chance to finish a book in one sitting without getting interrupted at least once. Everyone reads. Some people read a lot while others just read occasionally, so most people find a way to use a bookmark.

Now, most people think of bookmarks as a simple rectangle that you can use to mark your place when you are reading, but there are different types out there. The following are just a few types of bookmarks worth considering depending on your taste.

Custom Printed Bookmarks

The idea of this type of bookmark is to give regular bookmarks a bit of touch up. Whether it may contain images, messages that were personalized, or your company logo.

For example, a small business could print a certain number of bookmarks and ensure that it contains the business' basic information about the business.

Custom Metal Bookmarks

This bookmarks are very durable. These are usually relatively thin but not so thin that they are sharp. For safety purposes, the corners are made to be round rather than pointed.

One of the reason that makes these type of bookmark so attractive is that they can be embossed with any kind of message or even your company name. The other reason is that these bookmarks lasts a long time.

Custom String Bookmarks

Another type of bookmark is the string bookmark. This is such a creative way of using a string that comes in different colours making the possibilities of customising these bookmarks endless.

There are also different types of strings, like the ones made out of polyester or if you'll go with something natural, you can choose canvas or burlap to name a few. The benefits of a using an artificial string is that these strings are probably going to last long.

Custom Ribbon Bookmarks

You can make the bookmarks look delicate by making a ribbon into one. These delicate pieces of cloth are usually made out of cotton, or sometimes even silk could work as bookmarks.

There are several groups of people who uses ribbons as a bookmarks. Some ribbon bookmarks comes with a little additions, making them look even more luxurious, such as charms or bells attached to one of the ends.

Custom Charm Bookmarks

Charm bookmarks are a little elaborate, and it might remind some of the ribbon one. The key here is to place the charms at the end of a bookmark, like some beads or a little trinkets.

The bookmarks will have to be sturdy enough to be attached to some of these charms, so consider heavy printing materials. You can also opt for a business logo charm if you wish to use this as a promotional item.

Custom Embroidered Bookmarks

Embroidered bookmarks are quite durable and fancy. They are usually quite thick compared to normal ones, but they serve the same purpose.

These bookmarks can be inscribed with a personal message, design, symbol or company/business logo. The thickness and material is going to remind people of exquisite rugs, which some may find pretty cool.