Using Custom Lapel Pins for Marketing and Merchandising

July 02, 2020

What are Lapel Pins?
A custom lapel pin is just about any type of lapel pin that is designed to look like your company or organization logo. We make custom logo lapel pins in every shape and size that you can ever imagine for companies across the world.

Some use lapel pins to promote their business while others use them internally to establish brand identity within the company. Some companies also opt to make custom lapel pins as merchandise.

Lapel Pins can be easily customized and marketed as an add-on to your company or products. They can also be used for teams, organizations and special events.

Who else wears lapel pins today? A much better question, who doesn't? Custom lapel pins aren't just stuck on the lapel of a suit anymore; they are also worn on hats, bags, shirts and other clothing. Because they are displayed anywhere, on anything, and for any reason, you find lapel pins in every kind of market, industry, family, corporation, clubs and events.

Today, people use lapel pins to recognize, promote, educate and bring awareness. Other companies use lapel pins to mark a milestone and accomplishments, while others give them away as promotions and for tradeshows. Millenials wear them to express their opinions, moods and political positions.

Designing a Set of Custom Lapel Pins for your Business
Creating your own custom lapel pins is easier than you think. It usually starts with an idea, and once you know have one, you're all set.

A majority of custom lapel pins are either soft enamel or hard enamel (cloisonne). However, there are a few options you can choose from. Choosing the best type of lapel pin for your custom design is just a matter of personal preference, but if you need help in narrowing down your options, we can definitely help you.

We have made different lapel pins for different purposes in different shape and sizes, and we use Pantone colours in all of our products to make sure that the final product matches with your brand material.

Reminding Us of our Story
Despite the various uses of lapel pins, one thing is consistent, they remind us of our stories, experiences, emotions and connections.