Metal Money Clips: A stylish way to handle your cash

July 02, 2020

While sure, mobile payment platforms are becoming the norm for many, but there is still something to be said for a man that takes out a money clip and thumbs through his bills when making a payment, whether you are at a nice restaurant, gas station or simply on a store, there is a simple yet stylish old school feeling about this kind of process.

Before you thumb through your bills, the money clip that you are using says a lot about you and your style.

As with all men's product, the best one is the one that meets your unique intent and style. Metal money clips are better for men that need to carry less. Magnetic enclosures can help keep various sizes of items still and solid, including your cards. Available in a variety of materials of your choice, from the very inexpensive aluminium to the premium metals, money clips can fit any budget or intent. It just depends on how you want it to be.

Metal money clips can be made from just about any type of metal you can think of, from titanium to aluminium to stainless steel. They can also come with different types of leathers or even some natural or synthetic substances, like wood for example. Many also have magnetic attachments that will help keep your possessions in place.

Since they come in a wide variety of styles, they also are wearable in a wide variety of places. You may want a classier, dressed up money clip for heading out on the town or even heading to work. On the other hand, a solid metal or even tool card money clip would work well for casual use. If you've got only a few things to carry like some currency, a card or two then any money clip will work well.

Money clips have been around as long as with the existence of the paper money and have remained essentially unchanged in concept: a piece of metal between which paper money is held to allow for its organization and preventing a loss.