Different Types of Keyrings

August 19, 2020

Keyrings are probably one of the many staple items we have lying around our bags, packets and especially our home. They have become part of our lives as they hold valuable items that we use on a daily basis such as keys., These days, we may not need to prucahse any keyrings since these items are also a staple giveways items, souvenirs and promotional items for businesses. Since they are attached to a valuable item permanently, keyrings are a perfect way to have your brand or logo be remembered.

Because of the variety of the types of keyrings, you might find it quite difficult to select which one suits your need and style. If you're looking for options, here are a few types of keyrings that may suit your taste.


If you're looking for something that is simple yet unique, an engraved keyring could be the right style for you. This is perfect for any type of occasion as you can simply choose a font, and provide a name, initials or message you want to be engraved.


If you like to further customise your keyrings to fully suit your brand, logo or design, then custom keyrings are the right match for you! These may be cut-to-shape, enamel filled to your desired colour in different platings that you can choose from. This is an ideal promotional item or corporate gifts to your clients or employees.


Every household always have a bottle opener that is ready for any given occasion, and what better way to have it than with a keyring to ensure you can easily grab it anytime and anywhere you want. These keyrings are also fantastic as a gift for your family, relatives or a friend that's poppin' bottles all the time.


If you want a photo on your keyring, it can easily be done by having your image be printed in any size you prefer. This will become a very special, one-of-a-kind gift to anyone. May it be a photo of your loved ones, a sentimental picture, or a message you'd like so spread. We got you covered!


Another option for you is the PVC rubber keyrings, if you are looking for a lighter material that is not metal but is tested to be durable, then the PVC rubber is the one you've been looking for. These custom keychains can be made to follow any colour, shape, size and design therefore is one of the best option.