Dices have been manufactured for different types of commercial products, companies, sports, teams and have been made with different type of designs and shapes to suit what you need. There are many different types of promotional dices that are available and you may occasionally come across with. Often, the one-spot of the dice is simply replaced with a commercial/promotional logo and/or brand name and/or slogan.

A sample of different promotional dices are polyhedral dice. They often come in standard sets of seven - D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20. Below is only a part of the range of solid shapes used for this type of dices. You may also come across all sorts of dice shapes and there are many patent in existence detailing interest.

Available Options


DICE HAVE BEEN MANUFACTURED FOR MANY DIFFERENT COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS AND COMPANIES and have been made with unusual aspects to its design or in different shapes from ordinary dice. These dice can be custom printed with your logo, name or a custom design to your liking. It is a great way to get your message out there.

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THESE PROMOTIONAL DICE CAN BE USED AS A TOKEN for sports club or charity events, birthday parties, anniversaries or simply a gift for your business partners. Dice can be used as a handout or giveaways are always appreciated by the recipient and your brand/logo or slogan is there for maximum exposure to your clients or potential customer. Dice and other promotional items are used by both companies or corporations to help promote their brand, product or services. Promotional items are proven to be the best marketing device now a days.


BASED ON SPECIFIC ORDER SPECIFICATION the materials are rough cut into cubes and milled to a perfect square and are drilled, either by hand or machines to a specific depth that is uniform for all spots. Raw materials are inventoried in a range of colors and thicknesses to cater the multitude of styles and sizes that the clients want.