key rings - CORPORATE

Customize a practical gift you can be sure will be appreciated! Our custom keyrings is one gift that will be used on a daily basis, so go ahead and be creative by adding photos, names and special messages to create the unique key rings for everyone. Customize a set of keyrings in the shape of a heart for your loved ones and add a loving message on the back. A free sample can be provided upon request. Our selection of personalized keyrings offers designs for everyone with both fun and elegant ideas that are perfect for any occasion.

KEY RING Options

Custom Screenprint Epoxy Key Rings
Custom Leather Key Rings
Custom Stainless Steel Key Rings
Custom PVC Key Rings
Custom Stamped Die Struck Key Rings
Custom Laser Engraved Key Rings
Custom Metal Spinner Key Rings
Custom Hard Enamel Key Rings
Custom Bottle Openers Key Rings


Custom keyrings are some of the most popular promotional items in the market. However, how does one create personalized keyrings that can stand out among others? The secret to it is to create a message that's impossible for one to ignore. Customize your keyrings to exactly how you want them to be - with your imagination, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the designs.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR FREE DESIGN SERVICE and have your logo, brand made into a sought after symbol of your employees. 


Keyrings make effective and cost-efficient marketing tools, customize your company's keyrings with the company's logo to be given to your clients and customers during marketing event or trade shows so they can help you promote your brand when they use it - even your employees can use them! This will simply act as a reward of how amazing your employees are. You can use Keyrings for a different type of events or occasions, Personal Events, Business Events, School events are just a few to name.


Keyrings can be made from highly robust and durable materials, making such impressions on those who matter the most. We at AristoTIES have a ton of selection of styles to choose from to help you in making the perfect promoting tools for your brand. All personalized keyrings are constructed from solid, durable laminate material with a gloss smooth finish to ensure that your brand logo will stay intact for many years of usage.