Soft Enamels, Hard Enamels and Printed Pins

November 29, 2019

Many of our customers often asks "Whats the difference of Soft and Hard enamels?"
The best answer is that hard enamels have flat and smooth edges while soft enamels have raised metal edges.

Soft Enamel

Soft Enamels are great looking products with medium quality and the texture is highly cost-effective and is one of the most popular type of pins. Unlike the hard enamel, the soft enamel plating process is done before the enamel is filled in.

This pins are also called die struck pins. You can feel the roughness texture of the pin with your fingers. If you want your pins to be in multiple color, painted black or painted in a way that will match your logo, then you'll be needing to choose soft enamel.

Hard Enamel

Hard Enamels are the second most popular with the best quality of all top grade lapel pins. The smooth and exquisite surface gives a luxurious vibes to people, though the price is a bit higher than soft enamels.

Hard Enamels are more durable and scratch-resistant if you compare it with soft enamels. Most customers would go with hard enamels because of the clean, finished look it has.

Hard Enamel pins are also called as Cloisonne Pins. The surface is repeatedly polished and we can feel a slightly bumpy feeling while it has a similar texture to ceramics.

The best distinction between hard enamel and soft enamel is that certain metal finishes are only achievable with soft enamel. The difference is how the end products surface feel and how its shadowing and reflection alters the appearance.


Printed Lapel Pins

Printed Pins are the best ones to choose if you are looking for fine details that can be reproduced cheaply. The printing process of the pins ensures that the color production will be accurate and achieved, along with the finest details of the logo or image.