Match your feet with your look

December 01, 2016

It is said that a person, how much ever well-dressed he can be, will be judged by his shoes. A proper pair of shoes is an important accessory in a man’s wardrobe filled with suits.  It’s colour should match with the suits accordingly. Confused? Don’t worry, we will help you! Just read on…

One of the best ways of wearing a suit is to teaming it up with a sneaker. It adds freshness to the formal look. But, make sure you are not wearing them in formal, important occasions where you have to dress to impress the people around, such as a job interview, a wedding or a serious occasion like a funeral.

And if you really want to nail the suit-and-sneakers look, then here are some rules that you will need to follow.

  1. While planning to wear sneakers, it would be the best to dress down your suit and break the jacket and shirt routine with a dash of casuals.
  2. When you plan such a look, opt for a low-top shoe over high-top. Although high-tops can be used, low-tops give a formal touch to your suit-and-sneakers look.
  3. Don’t just be confined to white sneakers. Try a two-toned pair with a navy blue or a gray suit for a sure-short successful fashion experiement.
  4. You could use a solid or a striped tie on a crisp white shirt on such a look. Or you could switch it with gingham patterned or plaided shirts, adding a casual flair to it.
  5. Also, more than black, navy blue and gray suit make for appropriate choices to go with the white sneakers, that adds elegance to the mix and match for the formal look.

Moving ahead from sneakers, the go-to pair of shoes for formals would be the dress shoes. If you find the right and classic pair of dress shoes to invest in, and maintain it properly, it lasts a lifetime. In this kind itself there are many other variants of dress shoes and we will break it down for you.

  1. The Oxford is the most basic of all dress shoes that has never gone out of style. This versatile type, that gets its name from Oxford University, has a minimalist appeal and can be worn with both formals and casuals. As the Oxford is constructed with multiple pieces of leather sewn together, its other, uncommon variant, ‘One piece Oxford’ is sewn with a single piece.
  2. The Derby is the less formal version of the Oxford and was first used as sporting and hunting boots. It has some slight similarities to the Oxford with respect to its shape and is said to be more comfortable than the latter.
  3. The Monk Strap is a mix of the Oxford and Derby with respect to its shape and formality. It gets its name with monks who originally wore them. This type has a wide strap which is fastened across the front of the shoe with either single or double closure. Monks are versatile and can be worn with both casuals and formals.
  4. The Loafers are the most recognizable type of dress shoes due to its slip-on styling. Although they were first used as slippers by King George VI of England and as casuals, they were popularized by businessmen in the 1960’s. Loafers often feature a saddle or a strap with or without decorations such as slits, metal bits or tassels.
  5. The Chelsea Boots have come a long way from the Victorian Era to The Beatles. They are ankle length with round toes and low heels. Made fron a singlepiece of leatherhe boots have an incredibly clean look with minimum stitches and decorative additions that maintains its sleek and minimalist look. Its simplistic look can make jeans look classy and give an alternative look to a tailored suit.
  6. 6. The Chukka Boots are ankle length boots that were first used by Polo players. The players found the boots more comfortable and wore them after the game too. They are least formal of the lot, but can pull off semi-formal or business casual looks. They are often confused with desert boots, that are known as the casual version of Chukka boots. This type looks similar to the latter, but has rubber soles instead of leather.