Dress for your occasion

October 03, 2016

You dress to make an impression, you dress to floor people and make them fans of your impeccable style of dressing. But in order to make an impression and fans, you need to dress according to the occasion.

When you open your closet, you don’t just pick any suit and wear them. There are different kinds of suits, for different kinds of occasions where you are supposed to shine, show off your sophisticated side and yet be a professional. And if you mix up your suits in those times, you’re making a huge fashion mistake, adding to the embarrassment that follows.

So, we are here to help. We will guide you to dress as per the occasion, like a pro! Make sure you follow them rather than being a repeated fashion offender!


Pinstripped Suit:

These suits with vertical lines all over makes for a perfect, typical corporate attire. It is a bang-on choice for an office dress code and has professionalism written all over it. A pinstriped suit is just the suit you should wear if you want to leave a lasting impression while striking that crucial business deal. If someone can’t be influenced by a pinstriped suit, then what can be?


Dinner Jacket:

Wondering what to wear for your first date? Impress your partner by wearing a kind of an evening suit that has charisma oozing from it! Behold, the Dinner Jacket or the Tuxedo! This one is sure to give a sophisticated, bondesque touch to your look that is perfect to make your partner falling in love with your style. It is also a great choice for business parties. Also you can  mix and match your dinner jacket with bowties of various colours and patterns. Isn’t it great?


Velvet Jacket:

Best pal getting married? Invest on the most casual and versatile suits of all, the Velvet Jacket! Out for a drink with friends or clubbing on a weekend? Team it up with a humble pair of blue jeans. You can wear this jacket with almost anything, ties, bowties or as it, irrespective of colours or patterns! This jacket is ideal for all kinds of festive events where you get to show off sharp style with class.


Vintage suit:

Like to keep  tab with the tradition and dress the old-fashioned way? Then the vintage suit is just what you’re looking for. This traditional three-piece suit that has different universal looks, is ideal for business outings and can be played around with accessories of different patterns and colours for a youthful look. Now, you can either go the famous Italian way, the classy, elegant and sophisticated British or try the Mandarin collar to experience its vintage awesomeness. This suit is surely bankable to go retro with.