Custom Coasters

December 05, 2019

Coasters can be a great toot that can be affordable enough to make it as a gift or souvenier to your clients or just family members. You can customize the coasters in any shape, size and style that you like depending on the type of coaster you choose.

These coasters best fits restaurants, beverage companies, food service companies, bars and can fit to any company you may think of! Simply put that coasters can be a decoration and a protection at the same time.

Wooden Coasters

Are the most popular and cost-effective options when looking for coasters. This type of coasters are the most practical and durable but, the colors are very limited to a few.

PVC Coasters

Made of PVC rubbers and can have various shapes the way you want it. You can fully customize it to your liking, may it be as a cartoon model, brand or for corporate logo. Not only this coasters are beautiful, but they can also play the role of for visual advertising.

Cotton Coasters

Cotton is one of the best water absorbing material there is and is easy to clean. It fits well in tables and effectively controls the heat of tableware thus protecting the table.

Bamboo Coasters

Set down your drink with style with a personalized bamboo coaster from AristoTIES. Our custom coasters are the perfect present for your family, friends and corporate personnel.

Paper Coasters

Paper Coasters sounds at first like a strange idea, but when you know that they are very affordable and can be laminated the underside you'll see how effective they can be.

Metal Coasters

Our metal coasters can be in round or square shaped and are stunning for a promotional item that can help you impress your guests or clients. With stainless surfaces that proved to be durable, these are great drink mats that will definitely be an attention grabber.