Custom Challenge Coins

December 04, 2019

If you are looking for a unique challenge coins to be a memorable gift for colleague or family members, you've come to the right place.

We at AristoTIES offer different kinds of metal finishes for your coins. We can also help you customize it the way you want to, making it a perfect gift for a certain occasion.

  • Appreciation Challenge Coins

As the name suggests, its a coin for showing appreciation to the directors, employees or just casual friends you want to say thanks to.

Most employees believes that an organization values them by rewarding them for their determination, hard work and productivity through this kinds of gift.

  • Wedding Challenge Coins

An exclusive wedding coin is a lasting and unique kind of coin for the weddings. This shows friends and relatives devote themselves in preparing for the wedding ceremony. Depending on the needs and preferences, the quality of the coins can be made into gold, silver.

  • Veteran Challenge Coins

Veterans are awarded challenge coins for serving with their units, performing exceptionally in the completion of their duties and as an award of taking part in a dangerous operation.

Every challenge coin is unique to every unit, operation and or officer, but the most common thing is that it includes the major emblems or slogans of the particular branch or unit.