Bling it right!

October 03, 2016

Men look their best in a suit. Suits transform men into gentlemen and with the right accessories and jewellery, you can upgrade your smart look to brilliant. But wait! If you’re looking for the right piece of jewellery for your look, make sure you’re not looking too ‘bling-bling’. But how much is too much? The right amount of jewellery is all you need to attain that brilliant look.

Now, your next question would be how to look for the right jewellery! Don’t worry! We at Aristo Ties will help you.

Cartography Necklace: If you are a traveller and in love with maps, them this is the best way to express your passion in your style. And also just imagine how amazing a cartography necklace would look, peeking out from the collar of that white dress shirt and cream suit!

Vintage-inspired signet ring: If you have a family crest that has been passed on through generations or a vintage piece of heirloom jewellery, a signet ring on the pinkie couldn’t be the best way to wear it. It wouldn’t stand out, in an awkward way, and looks just right for a gentleman’s look.

Watch: An integral accessory that is enough to complete the look. When you’re picking a suit for your suit, make sure the straps are metal. And the thickness of the strap should match the body shape of the person wearing. You wouldn’t want to wear a huge strapped watch if you have thin arms.

Tie Bars/Chains: A tie bar adds a classy touch to your formals other than keeping your tie in place. While choosing a tie bar, go for a single stripped gold, silver or any other metal. Do not go beyond that, as it would look gaudy.

Bracelets:  An edgy bracelet sticking out of your shirt’s cuffs looks classy. Pairing a colourful bracelet with a steel watch or a metal ID bracelet with a leather time piece, makes it look even more classier. A bracelet adds charm to your style and gives an edge to your suits.