Advantages & Disadvantages of Woven Patches

December 23, 2019

Patches with exceptionally exquisite artistry are called woven patches. Unlike printed patches, it doesn't use the simple printed methods.
In order to build up the reputation and marketing strategy of any brand, the forms are woven onto the surface, establishing a clean, fashionable aesthetics with accurate details.

Generally, printed patches and woven patches are used the same way. They can totally be attached to any materials of apparel. If you are looking for the essence of professionalism, woven patches are only made of thread, in which it is more economical and at the same time practical.

Woven patches are suitable for any type of apparel, it means it is multi functional. The visage of the smooth feeling and the enduring wire that can bear enough abrasion eve are extremely suitable for any type of regalia. You can also have a reliability by replicating a picture or a logo on your woven patches.

Woven patches are so good to be true but you also have to consider that it has no texture, pros can turn into cons under different cases. People would have different preferences when it comes to textures. When designs are too micro-mesh to finish craft by embroidering woven patches is the best choice.
It is always in trend. They are not streaked like embroidered ones so they are always on the top ranking. If you want a bonanza of woven patches, I will list some dainty samples that our company has made for you.