This Winter How to Layer Under Your Suit

April 29, 2015

Many corporate individuals feel that they simply have to endure the cold breeze of the winter seasons because a suit is a part of their business attire. However, there are a few things that you can wear that have been specifically created for professionals. Here are some accessories you can utilize to add an additional amount of layer under your business suit. 

1) Puffer Vest 
If you're a business man who works in the creative field whereby its common for the people in your field to were an interesting color of a shirt such as maroon or indigo, this accessory is for you. By layering up with a puffer vest under your suit jacket, you can protect your self from the windy fall days that occur right before winter. By doing this, you will essentially stay true to your creative field and have an appearance of a 50/50 casual yet formal look. On top of that, to up the formality aspect of your suit, you can add pocket squares and a french cuff shirt as well.

2) Cardigan Vest 
On the other add, if your business attire portrays you as an artist that meticulously ensures that all aspects of your suit flows cohesively, yet stylishly, a cardigan sweater is an ideal choice for an additional amount of layer. What makes this layer tool so effective is that due to the fact that cardigan vests are cut with a significantly lower button stance, regardless if you are wearing one, your bow ties, skinny ties or neckties, will still be the primary point of view from the perspective of someone that's looking at you. 

3) V Neck Sweater 
While vests are an ideal choice for adding additional layers under your suit, if you're particularly concerned about your arms, a v neck sweater is an ideal choice. The key to making this additional layer work, is to utilize a sweater that is thin, so that, you don't feel as if your mobility is restricted. You'll also want to ensure that the color that you choose flows cohesively with your skinny ties, neckties, bow ties or even your suit. Meaning if you wear a gray tie with a black suit, ensure that the v neck sweater is either gray or black. 

4) Thin Long Sleeve Thermals
If you feel that it is imperative that you avoid the possibility of wearing a layer over your shirt, you can choose to utilize a thin long sleeve thermal instead. What makes this option ideal is that, it is so thin that practically no one will be able to tell that you have an additional layer of clothing under your suit, due to thee fact that you will be wearing it under your shirt and tie.