The Finishing Touch: The Wedding Tie

April 03, 2015

A wedding is easily considered one of, if not the most important days in a man’s life. In order make it the most perfect day, you have to get every detail down just right. For the man, it has to be his look and what type of tuxedo he will be wearing, it is a vital aspect of which the man will have to think about. The tie is the finishing accessory to make that look come together, so you need to make sure that you make the correct choice in the matter.

The bowtie and the necktie are the most traditional ties that men wear on their wedding day, regardless if it is silk or satin, a tux can hardly go wrong with a nice bowtie. Then when you add in an attractive cummerbund, you will exude a true statement in your overall appearance. These two pieces are the winning combination in men’s apparel, which is worn at virtually any elegant or sophisticated event. It is rather unfortunate, but several men simply don’t pay attention to the tie aspect of their wedding tuxedo. 
There really is more to a tie than simply the color, here are a few ideas to help you choose the tie which works best for you.
Picking out the Right Color
There really are too many colors to count when it comes to ties, finding the right color which best fits your tuxedos look is what is most important. The best thing to remember is to choose the darkest shade of color because it will best represent the overall theme of the wedding.The darker shades goes really well with the pale undershirt of the tux. If there really isn’t any particular color in regards to the wedding theme, choose a neutral color which will fit best in the style of the tuxedo.
Choose the Pattern
The same as colors, there is an assortment of patterns to choose from to give the best treatment to your wedding look. The pattern of a tie will always determine the exact type of event the tuxedo is for. Of course a wedding is a formal event, so choosing a nice solid color is the very best choice. There are more simpler ties which have diagonal, pocket squares, paisley and foulard, each one of those patterns will look fantastic in a formal setting. 
Go Trendy
Because of fashion’s latest trends, even the guys are picking out more stylish accessories and the same goes for the neckties. The more traditional tie has a bit of a broader formation, which is good for the men with more broader shoulders. Then there are skinny ties, which work good for men who are more on the slimmer side. The traditional style is quickly catching up in the latest fashions, so you might want to incorporate that style if you are getting married anytime soon.
Make Sure the Wedding Ensemble is Just Right with the Perfect Tie
Whatever style you choose to go with, take your time in deciding and ask for assistance by anybody who is familiar with what looks best with your entire wedding ensemble. If your bow tie or necktie is just right, you will make your day even brighter.