Tie Care

March 27, 2015

To save this important part of your closet, keep in mind these simple tips so that your most loved ties hang with you for quite a long time to come.

Looking after a tie isn't as straightforward as you may think. A tie obliges a great deal more than just stuffed in a drawer when its not being worn. It requires some care while not being used. When taking off your tie, don't pull the thin end through the knot unless you want to destroy the tie's shape. Rather, remove the tie by untying the tie in the opposite way of the tie-tying process.  
Significantly more vital than the way you wear your tie is the way you store it. The first thing in taking care of your ties is to put it appropriately in your closet. As soon as you remove your tie, hang it around a hanger or over the dowel in your wardrobe, don't just lay it on the dresser or toss it away somewhere. Hanging the tie up lets the wrinkles on the tie from tie knots to drop out; in addition, hanging it in your closet puts it away from light that can otherwise fade the fabric.
Many retailers offer cheap hangers and tie racks for ties, spending a little more money may help in increasing the tie life. While travelling, you can fold the tie and put in your coat pocket, socks or shoes. Tie cases are also available which can be quite handy on the go.
Wrinkles are a widespread indication of ageing for everyone, and ties are not different either. The more you wear, the more wrinkles starts to appear. So you must do whatever you can to protect your ties from reducing the wrinkles. The trick is to never wear the same tie two days consecutively; like a pair of shoes, a tie needs time to recapture its shape. The key is knowing how to get the wrinkles out for long. 
For tough wrinkles, use a handheld steamer to remove all the annoying wrinkles. Many retailers make cheap models, a significant number of which can be used for travelling. Keeping handy a handheld steamer while travelling is not only good for ties, but as well as for shirts and suits.
A tie tack is wonderful for your tie to keep it out of the hurt's way (otherwise known as your plate). Anyhow, while a tie tack holds the tie up, it likewise puts a hole in the fabric. Keep these punctures away by putting the tack underneath the tie, around the label. You'll get the same impact without the disadvantage. 
A tie tack, however is not the only solution for stains. Food fall accidentally sometimes in spite of how careful one is. For most mishaps, one should promptly wash the stain off gently with cold water as it will keep the stain from setting in. For oily or slick stains, water won't work. Rather, apply talcum powder on to the spot as quickly as possible — it will absorb the oil dampness from the fabric. If cold water and talcum powder does not do the trick in freeing the stain, then the only resort is giving it a tie-cleaning service.
An incredible tie works wonders while giving a professional look at all times. For all the nice things your ties accomplish for your appearance, give back a little and treat them with some consideration.