Tie Combinations & Men’s Shirt

July 17, 2014


It is a sad truth that most men have a terrible taste and lack of style when it comes to ties and shirts. If you have a corporate job it is enough to just glance around your work place and the previous sentence will be confirmed as true.
For those fortunate, or unfortunate enough to be confined to suits for the majority of their work hours, fashion has to give it’s place as a priority to comfort.
The fact is that most of the suit, shirt and tie combinations worn at everyday life simply do not look stylish, elegant and sexy as they should – and they could, only if persons wearing them knew how to match them up.
When you’re in a formal environment, the best possible way to showcase your passion, style and love for fashion and elegance is to get creative with your shirt and tie combinations. The downside is, those two are extremely easy to get wrong. To an average, fashion wise uneducated individual, colors and patterns seem confusing individually. Try mixing them and all hell breaks loose!
Keeping this in mind, let me show you some basic ways of how even an apprentice can look extremely cool and handsome by hitting the right combination.
Don’t get discouraged, even the most stylish men are left confused at all the combinations and usually fail to blend them properly. The secret to what it takes for finally making peace with colors and coming to grips with all of it is quite simple. All it takes for beginning is a basic color wheel:

The color wheel above is everything an average fashion enthusiast aspiring to be stylish needs when first beginning with his quest. The color wheel above offers a visual presentation of each color and shade, but more importantly, the similar, contrasting and complementary colors of each. When presented that way, it seems much simpler than going through your wardrobe trying to figure out what would look stylish combined together – the sections on either side of a particular color are similar, contrasting hues are separated by three sections and directly opposite represents complementary colors.
But beware, don’t go around thinking you’re an expert color matcher now you’ve seen and understood the wheel. Even armed with this knowledge, successful combinations are easier said than done.
When it comes to shirt and ties combinations for men, it has proven to be much easier to pair a contrasting colors than to do the same for complementary ones. For example, a suit combination that every man can pull of is a mid-blue shirt, burgundy tie (remember that red is a contrasting hue) and navy suit.
Complementary colors make it harder to match simply because wearing them in full strength is sometimes too much of an overload for human eye. The key to successfully pulling it off, is making sure to vary the shades, such as for example a light blue shirt with a burnt orange tie.
Of course this will come to you naturally because an official rule that your tie should always be darker shade than your shirt is non-negotiable and should be respected without exception.
So next time you decide combining suit and ties and going off to work or an event, pay attention to what you do and a little knowledge can go a long way into making you look like a true, stylish, fashion model that deserves admiration.